My Chinese website is dead, temprarily

Fri 24 Jun 2011. in china personal

Just bought a tPad(a cheap Pad product by Teclast, a Chinese company) and wanna testing the browser. Typing my website. Oops, here goes the error message. Then I realized that my host provider put my site down because it doesn't have a "record". And it's been down for 2 weeks. And the Adsense income drops from $45 last month to $10 this month. 

So in China if you want to run a website, you need to get a record for your website. If the website belongs to a person, "they" need to know your name, id number, address, phone(work and mobile), etc. And after filling those info I found I need to go to a "check station" in person, bringing my ID, taking a photo and filling some more forms. I'm so lucky that there is a check station in my city! 

The website is built around 5 years ago. And I it's not been updated for nearly 2 years. I might considering giving it up if there weren't the adsense income, though not much. 

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